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flat back rhinestones

over 70 colors can be choose

ss3~ss 40 full size

same cut and 2088 cut style rhinestones

  1. colours-crystal .black,Bk.diamond,aquamarine,It.sapphire,cobalt,blue zircon,olivine,peridot,emerald, jonquil,topaz,It.col.topaz,smoked topaz,It.amethyst,Dk.amethyst,violet,siam,hyacinth,citrine,,It.peach,rose  ,fuchsia,Dk.siam,montana,capri blue etc 36 colors
  2. coating color - dream AB, champange,purple flare ,siam flare,blue flare,blue flare, dream topaz,metallic blue, rose gold, rainbow gold, magic gold, amber, dream gold, dream ghost, dream purple,dream moonnight,redwine,black TAS, dream tanzanite , rainbow rose, lt.violet, silk light etc 15 colors
  3. color crystal AB - .jet AB, Bk.diamond AB, aquamarine AB, It.sapphire AB, cobalt AB, blue zircon AB, olivine AB, peridot AB, emerald AB, jonquil AB, topaz AB, It.col.topaz AB, smoked topaz AB, It.amethyst AB, Dk.amethyst AB, violet AB, siam AB, hyacinth AB, citrine AB, AB, It.peach AB, rose AB, fuchsia AB, Dk.siam AB, montana AB,capril blue AB etc 30 colors.


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